Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm baaack

I seem to have been lost temporarily in blogger limbo - that is, I was locked out of my account for a while (check out the slew of messages on this topic in Google blogger help!). For some unclear reason I've just been allowed back on, so I'll take the opportunity to update briefly, but my apologies for the outage.

Lots of little diabetes-related scenarios pop up with H these days. Like, yesterday, I had my pump infusion set in my upper arm (part of my rotation to restore my abdominal tissue). H gave be a big hug, which evolved into climbing me, and she grabbed my arm and tore the infusion set out. I yelled, "Ow, ow, ow!, Stop!" - too late, but she did stop, and when I explained that she shouldn't touch the thing on my arm, and I was sorry to yell, but it hurt, she said, "Sorry, Mommy," gave me a light hug, and went on playing.

Of course, I felt guilty immediately for yelling, but that combination of pain and fear of whether I could get another infusion set to go in my arm made me a little sharp. I don't want her to think I'm as delicate as china - that she shouldn't hug me! But I do want her to be careful when, unfortunately, I have to put my infusion set in such an exposed spot (I bang it on doorways all the time, too!). I suspect she doesn't think of it as a big deal - just part of life with mommy.

H doesn't bat an eye when I test my sugar, even at the kitchen table. But she does want to eat whatever I'm eating, which includes glucose tablets (no, I didn't share those!). When I told her recently that it was medicine, she said, "I want medicine, too!" I ended up saying she didn't need medicine because she wasn't sick, and she dropped the subject. The only "sick" she's ever experienced has been viral, so she probably thinks my "sick" is just temporary. I'm sure the day will come when I have to explain it's long term, but something I can live with - but that day hasn't come yet.

Since it's 5 am, I have to go - but I hope I'll be back soon!

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