Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vacation time

This is the time when we finally get to rest - the last vacation before Fall. In some ways, it has been: I've taken H to the beach, to a pond, to pools; we've eaten fresh corn and fruit, and tomatoes and cucumbers from our own garden; we've been pretty lazy. Not to say we haven't exercised - oh, yes, we have! It just didn't feel like work, you know? Not, Oh, I have to fit in some exercise now. It just happened in the course of having fun.

I've still been too busy, working (work work) during nap times, prepping for the birthday party and for the first day of preschool (yikes!), both happening within a couple of weeks. My diabetes care once again is taking a back seat - I try to follow my usual rules - eating certain things and not others, testing often and adjusting accordingly at the moment - but otherwise I'm not really keeping track. That's the honest truth: Sometimes I run on autopilot, and I just hope that my years of trying to have good habits pulls me through. I know that I have to really think about my numbers -- you know, look for patterns -- to avoid swinging suddenly out of control. But I also know I can go for a week or two without doing that, and usually get away with it. And sometimes my brain is just too full (cue the far Side cartoon).

Maybe by the end of my vacation I'll find some time to remotivate. Ironically, it's precisely because I'm not able to get a truly relaxing vacation that I'm taking a sort of vacation from my diabetes. But no, I never truly do that - never go on binges (I haven't in many years, the consequences are just too painful) or stop testing; in fact, I test more often when I can't stop to think about it, just to be sure I still keep on track.

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